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Footcare - The hows, whys, and whats of footcare

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Footcare - The hows, whys, and whats of footcare

Why should I care about foot health?



Our feet literally carry the weight of our world on a daily basis, yet we tend to neglect them in favor of our face and body in regards to skin and healthcare. Needless to say both are equally important for our overall health and image.

Having even slight foot pain or minor skin irritation can possibly deter you from exercise or completing everyday tasks.

Taking good care of your feet will make you feel comfortable, beautiful all around, and can boost your overall health. Stay tuned for great tips.

How to take care of your feet



Taking care of your feet is simple and can go a long way in maintaining comfort and health. 

Start by finding the right pair of shoes.

Try to wear heels or tight shoes sparingly, as heels can eventually cause knee, hip, and back pain; while tight shoes can reduce circulation in your feet, which can cause muscle cramps in your thighs, calves, and hips. 

Chronic cold feet may be a result of poor circulation, anemia, and diabetes.

A simple remedy to this may be to occasionally give yourself a foot massage using our Lightning Pain Relief Cream, or roll a tennis ball under your feet to improve blood circulation.

This reduces chronic pain and will bolster your stamina throughout the day.

For calluses, shaving or cutting should NEVER be an option. You are injuring your own tissue and risk getting an infection when doing so.

Luckily we sell a 40% Urea Cream with Salicylic Acid.

Urea is known to smooth out your skin by gently breaking down the dead skin build-up which corns and calluses derive from.

Though our Urea Cream can be used on any part of the body, our customers find it best for their foot care.

We recommend applying the cream at night before bed, then covering with socks overnight.

Think of our cream as a treatment, and once the urea is absorbed into the skin, residue may form, which should be wiped off after.

Foot soaks are highly recommended. We recommend filling a small tub of warm water and adding either Epsom salt or vinegar.

Epsom salt will help reduce inflammation and chronic pain, while vinegar will mildly fight fungus, warts, and dry skin conditions.

For more serious cases of fungus, try our powerful Over-the-Counter Treatment: Fungus Master. 1 in 10 people are afflicted with foot fungus, making it quite common. Luckily, our Fungus Master is here to help.

It is infused with fungus-fighting ingredients like miconazole, undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, and popular herbal oils.

For nail fungus, make sure to apply to the skin around the nails.

Though it’s named nail fungus, there’s no direct way to kill fungus inside the nails.

The best treatment is to keep the skin around the nail healthy by stopping fungal spread.

The affected nail will later grow healthy, and the infected part will be able to be clipped off. For all other cases of fungus, apply directly onto the skin.

Connotations with footcare


There are some assumptions about how foot care is only necessary when afflicted with a certain condition.

Though that might be true for anti-fungal treatment, it is never too early to start using urea cream.

Even without major calluses or dry skin, using urea early can prevent these conditions and keep your feet in their best condition.

In this case, we can look at urea as more than a treatment, like a daily or weekly skincare routine, keeping skin at tip-top shape by preventing any possible signs of dry, cracked skin.

Regularly improving massaging your feet to improve blood circulation is also recommended, as it may reduce fatigue and treat cold feet conditions.

It is also imperative to find the right shoe for everyday use.

In a world where we often sacrifice comfort for style, we should take a little more time to carefully choose an everyday shoe that has both.

Minimizing time in heels and tight shoes is a must.

Remember, you are using your feet every day regardless, so taking that preemptive step in caring for them will benefit you in the long run.



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