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Proudly made in Orange County, California, we are an FDA-registered facility that manufactures high-standard skincare products with efficacy in mind, and lots of love.

All of our products are formulated with care, results-driven formulas, and powerful natural ingredients— making Ebanel a brand that connects international bloggers, TV home shopping networks, and a global chain of distributors.

We are the best choice for your skincare success!


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All Ebanel distributors have access to Basic Product Training and the following Marketing Material:

(Digital artwork of existing designs are complimentary. Custom and printed versions are available for an additional fee. We offer custom translation services in Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Filipino.)

Product Literature

Event Display & Activation

Digital Posters

Brand & Product Demo Videos

Gift w/ Purchase Ideas

Advertising Templates

Steps in making your own brand:

Consultation & Exploration

Talk to our consultants so we’ll know exactly what you need. Having your concept, current sales & marketing channels, budget, and timeline ready for the consultation will help expedite our quote for you.

Product Planning & Development

Create custom formulas or you can choose from our Ebanel products. All are compliant with US ingredient stability and quality standards.

Ordering & Trial Production

After signing a contract and providing a security deposit, you will receive samples based on your specs. Once approved, we will order materials for mass production.

Design & Packaging

We stock a range of modern packaging options & components.

Manufacturing & Logistics

All products are manufactured under stringent quality control standards and testing. We will help you with regulation compliance and required documentation, both internationally and domestic.

Product Training & After Service

Our products come with product literature and other info to help market your brand effectively. We’ll also dedicate a sales associate for your other concerns.

Or call us: 1-844-694-0004 (Toll Free)


1. How can I get samples?

    For existing Ebanel products, we can immediately provide samples for a minimum fee plus shipping. When you proceed with placing an order, the amount you paid for samples will be refunded to you.

    For OEM/ODM, please contact us. It takes approximately 2 weeks depending on the request.

2. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    Our MOQ generally starts at 5 gallons but may vary depending on the product.

3. Can I do OEM/ODM even if I’m an individual seller?

    Yes, we welcome any order that fulfills the MOQ.

4. We are located overseas. Can we still place an order?

    Yes, we cater to international orders. Please note that the timelines mentioned in this guide only applies to domestic orders. International deliveries will take longer. We usually ship by FedEx. Airline and sea shipping options are also available.

5. What would be the cost for OEM/EDM?

    It depends on the formula, container, quantity, and speed of manufacturing. We will provide a detailed estimate after our initial consultation, which includes optional items such as design and special packaging. We promise to do our best to come up with a plan that works best with your budget. Consultation, as always, is free.

6. How long does it take for an OEM/ODM product to be developed?

    It takes about 2-4 weeks to carefully test product stability and product material compatibility for custom products. For those on a shorter timeline, we recommend any product from our Ebanel line which, takes about 2 weeks to produce.

    For repeat orders of OEM/ODM products, it takes us approximately 2 weeks to deliver from the order receipt. For OTC products, additional time for regulatory documentation is necessary. The time required varies by formula, packaging material, production volume and other specifications, so please feel free to come to us with your questions.

7. We want to make a product that is similar to one that is existing in the market, will this be possible?

    If you need us to “clone” another product, we’ll first need a sample of it. Although it would be impossible to make an exact copy, our modern technologies and production methods will surely allow us to make something close to the original. In short, we’ll give you more details after we try it.

8. Can we use our own formula, ingredients and containers?

    Yes, it is possible as long as their safety and stability can be verified with valid documentation. Rest assured, your proprietary assets will remain confidential. Please note that we cannot use materials that are unstable or create inconsistent lot sizes.

    Also, our quality control department will require a quality test on your materials. Should we find them unsuitable, we will ask you to find alternatives. Don’t worry, we will have referrals/recommendations.

9. We prefer to label and package the products ourselves. Is this possible?

    Yes, except for OTC products, we can provide the product in bulk and you can fill your containers yourselves. We can also provide filled tubes and bottles in unmarked packaging if requested. Note that all our current label and packaging printing are sourced locally in California for a faster turnaround.

10. Who takes care of product registration, regulatory requirements and export-import documentation?

    For domestic orders, we can take care of these documentation for an additional fee. For international orders, the importer is responsible for securing all necessary certifications and registrations required by the importing country.

11. What are your payment terms?

    We require a 50% deposit upon contract signing and the 50% balance to be paid in full before product shipment. We regret that we cannot offer consignment or other payment arrangements.

    High volume purchases qualify for special pricing though. Please contact us to know more.

12. What is the shelf life of your products?

    Most products last 2 years from manufacturing and need to be used within 6-12 months of product opening.

13. What other brands have you serviced?

    Due to strict confidentiality agreements, we are not able to provide any details of our OEM/ODM customers. Instead, we invite you to look at our house brand, Ebanel, which is indicative of our potential and success.

14. Can we take a factory tour?

    As part of our confidentiality agreements, we only allow our customers to view the factory during the production of Ebanel products or their own products.

15. What should we prepare for our initial consultation?

    Kindly prepare your product concept, target market profile, current sales & marketing channels, weblinks or photos of your inspirations, budget and timeline. These would help expedite our creation of your personalized offer/quotation. All information you provide from your initial inquiry will be confidential.

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