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Liposomal Technology

Proudly made in Orange County, California, USA, Ebanel Laboratories, Inc. manufactures high-standard skincare products with efficacy in mind.
We utilize liposomal technology along with key ingredients such as botanical stem cell extracts, growth factor and peptides.
Platform technologies developed in-house

Bio-active ingredients obtained by conjugating with various plant-originated phyto-chemicals possessing high antioxidant and anti-inflammation activities, not being limited to anti-aging and skin cell rejuvenating effects. 
Stem Cell-Conditioned Media Research
We have focused research on stem cell proliferation and differentiation for cosmeceutical application. These include Octapeptide, Pentapeptide-37, Hexapeptide-12, Oligopeptide-76, for the purpose of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, hair growth, anti-acne, and similar benefits.