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Ebanel’s Outdoor Essentials

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Ebanel’s Outdoor Essentials


This summer is ripe with the sound of adventure! The birds are chirping, the rivers are glistening, and the leaves are rustling. Before you go out, make sure you are well equipped to bear the elements! Here are some products that will keep you in tip-top shape as you venture out - whether to a National Park or in your backyard.

Our Picks:

numb spray

Numb 520 Spray

Numb 520 Spray is a first aid essential. Just like how we want to venture outdoors and enjoy the sun, so do pesky mosquitos and other bugs. When bug sprays fail and you are bitten, our numbing spray will help soothe your woes. Any cuts and scrapes you may receive from venturing outdoors can also be sedated with a few spritzes. It is formulated with lidocaine to numb the pain and phenylephrine to reduce swelling and discomfort.


vitamin c

Vitamin C

Ebanel’s Vitamin C 20% Serum pairs great with SPF for UV and free radical damage protection. For those who don’t know, free radicals are atoms, molecules, or ions missing an electron. They take the electrons from our skin cells, which break down and increase signs of aging. Free radicals exist in your body already, but UV and pollution accelerate their effects. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which in contrast to free radicals, reduces signs of aging by donating an electron. This deactivates the free radical and prevents it from damaging cells, so you can have worry-free fun outside!



Time outside in hot, dry weather can also age your skin! Use our Hyaluronic Peptide Serum to keep your skin hydrated and plump, reducing fine lines and providing a youthful look. It is also known to speed up wound healing by reducing and regulating inflammation. Hyaluronic acid is already produced by the body, making it safe for all skin types.


Urea cream


Dry, cracked skin on the body can be treated with Urea Cream. Long hike or walk? Extensive trips to the pool or beach? Use Urea Cream to gently exfoliate calluses, psoriasis, corns, and eczema. It also helps restore the skin barrier, which contains natural moisturizers and shields against further toxins from entering your body. We recommend applying the cream at night before bed, then covering it with socks overnight.


fungus master


Sometimes being self-conscious about our fungal conditions keeps us locked inside or stuck wearing shoes when we may not have to. Ebanel’s Fungus Master has got your back!  It is infused with fungus-fighting ingredients like miconazole, undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, and popular herbal oils. Daily application of Fungus Master will not only kill the fungus but prevent further spread of the fungus.

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