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Common Retinol Myths Demystified

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Common Retinol Myths Demystified

We all heard of how beneficial Retinol is for your skin and is in pretty much all skincare products nowadays. However, I'm sure you also heard of some side effects of using Retinol. We're here to clear things up. Here are some common myths that you may have heard about Retinol.

Myth #1: Retinol Can Make Your Skin Sun-Sensitive

This is one of the most prevalent Retinol myths that has been doing rounds on the internet since ages. While it’s true that Retinol is sensitive to sunrays, there is no scientific proof that Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays. In fact, summer is a great time to start using Retinol-based skincare products. However, it is recommended to use Retinol-based products at night for maximum benefits.

Myth #2: Retinol Will Make Your Skin Worse

This is another common myth in the air. There have been reports showing that retinoids can cause skin irritation and redness. However, if used properly, Retinol does not cause any side-effects. For the first one or two weeks, apply Retinol every third day. If you do not notice any skin flaking or dryness, you can start using the product every day.


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