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Carbonated Bubble Mask (10 Sheets)

Ebanel Skincare

  • $ 1099

10 Carbonated Bubble Mask with Peptides, Vitamin C, Volcanic Ash, and Plant-Derived Stem Cell Extracts

Stem Cell Masks with Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Peptide and Stem Cell Extracts

  • Contains Plant-Derived Stem Cell Extracts: Edelweiss Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Sugarcane Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Anise Fruit Extract
  • Effervescent bubbles lift out oil and dirt, allowing pores to tighten and giving you a cleaner, more even skin tone
  • Quickly purify your complexion in as little as 10 minutes
  • Sheet is soaked with various botanical extracts, minerals and moisturizing ingredients for effective absorption and maximum effectiveness
  • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free & Alcohol-Free. Natural, hypoallergenic, and oil-free. Made in the USA!
  • For all skin types: suitable for oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. 10 Sheets Total 

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