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Tomato Extract Topical Applications

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Tomato Extract Topical Applications

So, by now you know that Tomato Extract is great for your skin. Here’s we listed different types of skincare products that are enriched with Tomato Extract to help you achieve smooth, blemish-free, and radiant skin. All the products listed here involve topical application.

Hydration Mask

Tomato Extract gel masks, sheet masks, and hydration masks are trending big time. Lycopene content in the masks penetrates deep inside the skin and improves skin hydration. The Tomato Extract masks also help in reducing visible signs of aging.

Day Skin Cream

Tomato Extract day skin creams guard your skin against the environmental pollutants and sun damage. Most of the day skin creams containing Tomato Extract are suitable for all skin types.

Skin Booster

Tomato Extract skin boosters contain several other essential oils that are created provide skin nourishment and protection.


Soaps or bathing bars containing Tomato Extract are especially meant for oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. These soaps contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and lycopene to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and absorb excess sebum oil.

Oil Control Gel

Tomato Extract oil control gels are useful for treating oily skin and blemishes. Vitamin C and Lycopene packed Tomato Extract reduces skin inflammation, hydrates the skin, and leaves the skin fresh and revitalized.

Other skin care products containing Tomato Extract are gommage and cleansers.


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