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A Retinol Expert Reviews

Posted by Ebanel Skin Care on
A Retinol Expert Reviews

Her overall verdict:

"Ebanel Advanced Retinol Moisturizer is a really great, inexpensive retinol moisturizer which works better than many other more expensive retinols.

The texture and feeling of this retinol moisturizer is thick and silky which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

It’s very easy to apply with a pump applicator, and even though the moisturizer is thick, it spreads out evenly and you don’t need too much product to cover your whole face and neck.

After using Ebanel Advanced Retinol Moisturizer for a short amount of time, I noticed my skin was much more hydrated and soft.

After using Ebanel Advanced Retinol Moisturizer for a longer period of time, my skin felt and looked much smoother in texture. My skin felt super soft and hydrated. I noticed my skin was nice and plump and my fine lines and wrinkles looked smoother and less visible than normal.

Overall, Ebanel Advanced Retinol Moisturizer works great to help plump up your fines lines and wrinkles and smooth out the texture of your skin leaving it feeling super soft and even."

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  • Ellen on

    I haven’t trying it get when I get it I will use it thank you

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