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The Origins & Benefits of our Magnetic Mud Mask

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The Origins & Benefits of our Magnetic Mud Mask

A2 Stemcell Peptide Magnetic Mask

Over a million people visit the Dead Sea per year to test its anti-aging powers. It is located between Jordan and Israel/West Bank. Fortunately, there is an alternative, if traveling there is not an option!

Of course we can’t bring the Dead Sea to us, but we can utilize Ebanel’s A2 Stemcell Peptide Magnetic Mask that is made up of the Minerals and Vitamins from the region! This revolutionary product works under principles of Biomagnetism.

Back story:

As far back, 484-425 BC, Herodotus (the ancient Greek philosopher) mentions a fountain containing a special kind of water in the land of the Macrobians, which gave them their exceptional longevity. The mythical tales of such a spring have circulated for 1000’s of years…

Ponce de Leon’s legendary Fountain of Youth immediately comes to mind. Perhaps the Dead Sea is the Fountain of Youth of our times, but its legendary status is verifiable!

So, exactly how did the Dead Sea end up with such bleak name for such an optimistic place? To start, the ‘sea’ is actually a salt lake that can be up to 10X saltier than an ocean. As a result, animals cannot prosper due to the salinity, hence the name. 

Dead Sea

(All of that salt also enables increased buoyancy.)

Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine that any body of water ironically named “the Dead Sea” could actually be a highly sought-after destination for those who possess an interest in anti-aging, but bear with us…


A dense concentration of Minerals and Vitamins have seeped from the rocks and soil carried by springs to the Dead Sea. As mentioned, the Dead Sea is actually a lake, meaning there is no outlet. The result is a sulfur-rich mud within the water that is rich with active minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium & Iron.

The benefits of this mud are staggering; it can…

  • Soften, Freshen & Nourish the Skin
  • Purify and Clean Clogged Pores
  • Help with Acne Rosacea (may be used on the Back, Chest, Neck & Face)
  • Stimulate Natural Circulation
  • Help with Arthritis and/or Aching Muscles/Joints
  • Hydrate the Skin
  • Help to Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Help to Remove Toxins & Smoothes out Cellulite
  • Improve your Skin’s Elasticity

Application and Removal:

Apply a thick layer of this product to a cleansed face. Once the mask is applied (take special care to avoid the eye area), it should be left to dry for approximately 10 minutes; it will pull out Toxins & Excess Oils in your skin.

The magnetic content is the key to removing the mask. Once the Magnetic Wand is wrapped in cling wrap or tissue, you can manipulate the wand to remove the majority of the mask, leaving behind essential oils and peptides. This layer left behind may now be massaged into the skin! The result is a refreshing feeling that leaves the skin with a healthy natural glow.

For best results, this process should be repeated weekly.

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