Ebanel Technologies

Ebanel was conceived to provide high-quality cosmeceutical products with state-of-the-art growth factors and biomimetic peptides and stem cell-conditioned media. Ebanel products address anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, hair loss, anti-inflammation and other skin troubles like atopy. We offer homecare and professional lines.

Platform Technologies

Ebanel Growth Factors

Ebanel has committed to the R&D of growth factors, phyto-peptides and stem cell-conditioned media, which are produced by the transformed bacterial system. Developing high quality growth factors and mass production skill are key factors of Ebanel technology.

Ebanel Phytopeptides

Phyto-peptides are the latest innovation from Ebanel. These are bio-active ingredients obtained by conjugating with various plant-originated phyto-chemicals possessing high antioxidant and anti-inflammation activities, not being limited to anti-aging and skin cell rejuvenating effect. 

Ebanel Poly-Peptides

Enhancing Skin Penetration:
Ebanel has achieved double-layered encapsulation technology as a trans-dermal delivery system. Every active ingredients are encapsulated by double-layered capsulation technology for better skin penetration ratio.
Stem Cell-conditioned Media Research:
Ebanel has focused on the research of botanical stem cell proliferation and differentiation for cosmeceutical application. For more information about our cosmeceuticals, please send us your name, contact information and message.

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Ebanel Laboratories, Inc.
Brea, CA 92821
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