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Private Label

2/17/22: Private label and bulk purchasing have been suspended indefinitely due to raw material and component shortages worldwide. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please contact our sales team for wholesale and distribution opportunities under Ebanel. Thank you for your consideration.


All our products are available for private labeling. This option involves purchasing products in bulk sizes of 10 gallons or larger and dispensing the product into your independently purchased and printed containers, labeled under your own brand.

We set our minimum order quantity between 10 gallons with lead times of 4-6 weeks.

At Ebanel, we are confident that we can differentiate your products from the competition. We will also provide you with valuable advice from a sales & marketing standpoint. We are your innovative partner towards skincare success!

Business Area:

  • OEM/ODM Customized Products
  • Raw Materials for Cosmeceuticals
  • Cosmeceuticals


For more information about wholesale and distribution opportunities, please fill out this form and someone from Ebanel will contact you shortly.

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