Organic Argan Oil

(1.0 fl.oz e 30ml)

(To be used on hair, face, skin, nails, cuticles & beard.)

Ebanel Organic Argan Oil is cold-pressed from the Argan tree (native to Southwestern Morocco). It is certified to the highest organic certification standards, throughout the entire production process, by both EcoCert and NATRUE.  

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For skin, Argan Oil is a natural antioxidant known to help reduce pimples, breakout scars, scaly patches, skin inflammation, and dry skin. 

For hair, Argan Oil helps to restore damage from chemicals and environmental free radicals.  It helps to repair dry, damaged hair and revitalize the scalp.  

Argan Oil has excellent emollient properties, resulting in smoother skin and an improved complexion.

“With its exceptional balance of precious lipids and antioxidants, Argan Oil is the ideal active ingredient for skin care formulas with a nourishing and anti-wrinkling effect.”

 Argan Oil also offers flawless light reflection and delivers extra shine without leaving the hair greasy; it is particularly suitable for stressed and mature hair.  Its natural balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants help to maintain healthy-looking hair.

Ebanel Argan Oil (w/ box)


Argan Oil is a clear, yellow-colored oil obtained from the kernels of the endemic Argan tree (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) for cosmetic use.

    • Anti-wrinkling
    • Treat dry skin, eczema & psoriasis 
    • Reduce facial blemishes 
    • Reduce muscle pain 
    • Reduce the appearance of scars 
    • Effective moisturizer 
    • Non-oily, non-greasy & deep penetration
    • Treat dark circles under eyes 
    • Mild anti-bacterial 
    • Treat dry, brittle, frizzy & damaged hair 
    • Protect from cold winds, pollution & smoke


Skin:  Apply 3-4 drops on cleansed skin and gently massage, until absorbed.  Apply on a daily basis, morning and night, or as needed.

Hair:  After shampooing and conditioning, apply 3-4 drops, onto the scalp and apply through damp hair.  Apply 2-3 drops as needed to achieve soft, silky hair.  


For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


100% Pure Organic, Double Organic Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil)

Manufactured by:

Ebanel Laboratories, Inc.
Brea, CA 92821
Made In the USA