When practical, cleanse the affected area with mild soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly, then gently dry by patting with a soft cloth. Wear gloves to avoid the numbing of the hands and apply a thin layer onto the target area. The numbing effect will take place within 2-3 minutes of application but it is best to leave the product on for 20 minutes. Wipe off the cream completely and cleanse the target area with alcohol pads. The numbing effect will last approximately 1 hour. Numb 520 may be reapplied up to 6 times in a day.

Step-by-Step Application Process for Micro-needling:
It is important to adhere to the following steps as accurately as possible. Numbing creams will work better for some than others. These steps will allow the optimal performance of Numb 520.

1. Cleanse the skin.
2. Light exfoliation. Please note that, depending on skin tolerance/sensitivity, applying numb cream may cause some irritation to the exfoliated skin. Avoid this step, if necessary. 
3. Apply numbing cream with a medium thick layer (not more 20cm X 20cm of area at one time), not too thin as Lidocaine has the tendency to be evaporated and/or absorbed into the skin with time. 
4. Leave Numb 520 on for 22 minutes (*see below). Liposome is included within our numb cream, which allows for quicker activation than most numbing creams.
At this time, you may prepare with your treatment solutions/equipment. 
5. Use sanitizing gauze or baby wipes to completely remove the numbing cream making sure to not take more than 2 minutes doing this.
6. Use an alcohol pad to disinfect the treatment area. (This is optional. Normally, this is not necessary as alcohol may be absorbed by the skin and may neutralize the numbing effect, to a certain extent.)
7. Divide the treatment area into subsections.
8. Apply treatment solutions to the first section.
9. Microneedle to create micro-channels.
10. Re-apply more solutions onto the same section, if necessary.
11. Gently massage the solution into the micro-channels, until fully absorbed by the skin.
12. Repeat process for other treatment areas.

*The absolute maximum numbing effect is likely to take place at approximately 20 minutes, so it is best to wipe the Numb 520 off at this point. The numbing effect will last about 1 hour (in a decreasing mode) from the time that a user wipes it off the skin.