Organic Hemp Oil

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Alleviates Pain · Anxiety Relief · Joint & Sleep Support 

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Supplement facts (dependent on mg size):
Serving Size: 1.17mL 
Serving Size per Container: 30

How does hemp oil benefit your skin?

  1. Moderates oil production - Dryness can cause your skin to overproduce oil, which can stimulate acne. Hemp oil can prevent dry skin without clogging pores and helps reduce acne that’s caused by excess oil.
  2. Moisturizes and soothes inflammation - The omega-6 fatty acids that hemp oil contains is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that simultaneously encourages skin growth and new cell generation.
  3. Treats atopic dermatitis - Rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming these nutrients can help to treat skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. A study found evidence that dietary hemp seed oil reduced the symptoms and appearance of clinical atopic dermatitis after 20 weeks.
  4. Anti-aging properties - Hemp oil has anti-aging properties. Hemp oil can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent signs of aging from developing.


What is the difference between CBD and Hemp Oil:

Both CBD (Cannabidiol) and Hemp Oil are extracted from the same plant. Each part of the hemp plant delivers numerous significant benefits. 

CBD is extracted mainly from the flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant and may have minuscule amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), but the concentration is typically kept very low in order to maximize the medicinal effects of the CBD. 

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, much like oils derived from olives, almonds, and coconuts. Hemp seed oil is high in antioxidants, omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids. It does not contain any cannabinoids in it -- such as CBD, THC or CBN.



Ebanel's Hemp Oil is made in the USA with broad spectrum CO2 extract. It is formulated with all organic ingredients. Hemp oil contains antioxidants -- omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids -- which provide the most internal and external beneficial health factors.


Functional benefits of Hemp Oil include:

  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Provide quality sleep
  • Stabilize appetite
  • Enhances focus and clarity
  • Reduces chronic pain and aches
  • Promotes sleep and a healthy inflammatory response
  • Improves heart health; lowers cholesterol and increases metabolism
  • Provides bone and joint support, including reducing osteoporosis, arthritis & joint pain
  • Diminishes the signs of aging



Shake well before each use. Take 1 mL 1-2 times daily with or without food or as recommended by a physician. Apply under the tongue, wait 60 seconds then swallow. You can also apply one full drop to your favorite beverage. 

Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Stevia

This product is only intended to be consumed by adults 18 years of age or older. Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product. Discontinue use and immediately consult your health care professional if you experience any allergic or other adverse reactions to this product. Do not exceed recommended serving. 

Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat.




Topical use of hemp oil

Apply hemp oil directly to your skin if you have irritation or dry patches of skin that you want to soothe quickly.

If you’re using the hemp oil to treat acne and want to apply it topically, apply the oil directly to clean skin and leave it on for one to two minutes before washing it away with warm water.

Oral use of hemp oil
Ingest hemp oil can provide the same skin benefits and additional overall health benefits as using the oil topically. If you take hemp oil orally, there’s less risk of any skin irritation or breakouts.

Talk to your doctor before taking hemp oil orally.

If you don’t like the taste or consuming the hemp oil straight, you can use it in different recipes. One option is to mix it into foods, like smoothies, salad dressings, or soup. Or you can use it for cooking.



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