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Vitamin C Serum 10% & 20% Bundle

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C10/20 (E 30ML 1.0 FL.OZ NET)

Ultimate Collagen Booster and Brightening Effect

Ebanel  Vitamin C 10% and 20% Serum, formulated with 10% and 20% Pure Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid, gives your skin a triple boost by stimulating collagen production. This provides antioxidant protection and accelerating cell turnover to reveal healthier-looking skin with deep penetration to the dermal layer. It can be applied under the eyes to diminish dark circle and puffiness. It will also boost collagen induction.


Skin Types: Dry, Sensitive
Skin Concerns: Aging Skin, Free Radical Damage, Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines & Wrinkles 
Application: Face, Neck

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Buy with confidence! If you are not 100% satisfied, we provide a 90-day manufacturer money-back guarantee. 

Made of pure L-ascorbic acid, it triple-boosts the skin by helping to stimulate collagen production, provide antioxidant protection, and exfoliate the skin. Our liposomal technology constructs a defense against moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors which stabilizes Vitamin C and increases its penetration into the deeper layers of skin.


     • Fights free radical damage for smooth, healthy skin
     • Brightens skin, fades dark spots and defends against photodamage
     • Helps minimize freckles and excess pigmentation
     • Encourages collagen and elastin production to prevent fine lines and  wrinkles



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