5th Ebanel Skincare Giveaway!!

4th Ebanel Giveaway

Go to our facebook page and follow the simple instructions to become eligible to WIN! /EbanelSkincare!

We Recommend:

A2 Ultimate Brightening Serum Cart Hyaluronic Peptide Serum Vitamin C20 Serum

Manufactured by:

Ebanel Laboratories, Inc.
Brea, CA 92821
Made In the U.S.A.


Would love to try out Ebanel products this is a good opportunity to do so.

Temitope Wilkie October 05, 2016

Would love to try your products

Robbin Dalton September 01, 2016

Such a great giveaway to make all us older chicks look and feel younger, like we really, really need it . . . or, some of you may not really, really need it . . . yet – so this would be more of a proactive measure to prevent having to retrograde to a younger self later – either way, this is such a great giveaway by Ebanel Skincare – #SkinCare #Moisturizer #Serum #EyeCare #ArganOil #Organic #Hyaluronic #Peptide #VitaminC #Brightening #Magnetic #FREE #SkinCareTips

Loretta Crow September 01, 2016

Really hoping to win! Fingers & toes & eyes crossed Wonderful win for someone lucky!?

SHelly September 01, 2016

Never tryed these! But I would like to

Toni Pici August 29, 2016

I have heard alot, but haven’t try it. Would love to have a chance. Thank you

Lori August 28, 2016

Im 61. a homegrown southern california girl.I grew up outside as a kid. By High school I was a fulltime sun baking worshiper. the beachwas my 2nd home. we used baby oil mixed w/iodine & coffee.(graduated 73) back then there were no sun screens. What was skin damage? Fast forward 1984, I moved to PHX, AZ. My sun habits didn’t change. I continued to worship & bake. Fast forward 1995. I was 40 & decided to wear a hat & Spf 50 fulltime when ever outside. about the sametime I started using actual skin care products. Best decision ever. Fast foward to today Aug 2016. I don’t lay out & bake. I still wear a hat & 50. now I have dry spots under ech cheekbone w/dry flaky like skn at my temples. Im currently using PerriconeMD. its good but expensive.. AND-95% gone. a skincare product to use at 60 going forward would be wonderful.

Cat Taylor August 26, 2016

I would love to win this product to help this face of mine. Never heard of product.

CHarlotte HAnsen August 25, 2016

Would love to win

Kim Train August 24, 2016

Like to try it out.

jeanette nez August 16, 2016

Oh my these products look amazing! I’m in need of a good skincare product that will work for my aging skin! Thanks for this fab opportunity!! #EbanelSkincare

Sally Annew August 08, 2016

Would love to win Shared

Anna Loomis Russell August 05, 2016

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